Strong families means

secure local jobs.

Family First supports growing and protecting jobs in manufacturing, farming and service industries.

We believe in fairer tax and welfare to help families make ends meet.

Strong families means

children first in schools.

Family First demands parents have the final say in their kids’ education.

Schools should teach and skill our children, not be hostage to irrelevant “woke” political agendas.

Strong families means

beds in hospitals.

Family First supports better hospitals that are there for us when needed.

We must not have patients stuck in ambulances waiting for a bed. Fixing hospitals is a top priority.


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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

On Jobs

We believe in strong safeguards for workers and family business against big companies acting unfairly.

We support tax and family benefits that make it easier to raise a family. We trust families to make their own choices.

On Schools

We trust parents deciding what is best for their childrens’ education. We respect the right of parents to choose a religious or private school.

Schools are there to teach and skill our kids, not pursue a political outcome.

On Health

We believe in properly funding public hospitals. We support choice of private health if that is what suits your family.

Our health professionals have done a great job in these tough times, but they need the resources to do the job.

Put your Family First

Family First stands for secure local jobs that support families.

For schools that put standards and parent choice first.

For hospital beds there for us when we need them.

For tough punishment for crime and more police on the streets.

For respecting freedom of religion.

For valuing every human life.

Family First believes in letting families make their own choices, not government telling us what is good for us.