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Family First supports better hospitals that are there for us when needed.
We must not have patients stuck in ambulances waiting for a bed. Fixing hospitals is a top priority.
WARNING: Your religious freedom is under fire like never before
Right now, it’s perfectly legal in some states like NSW for a shop to display a sign saying, “NO CHRISTIANS”. Sign this petition today to tell the federal parliament to legally protect your religious freedom.
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Sign the petition to protect kids by shutting down gender clinics
Australian gender clinics are pushing confused kids to ‘escape’ their bodies by pursuing dangerous puberty blockers and radical surgery. But many young people who ‘transition’ with such radical treatments can later regret it – and can feel suicidal.
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How To Put Your Family First In The 2023 NSW Election

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Family First exists to restore Australia by restoring the primacy of the family in public policy. This will be achieved through a grass roots political party which raises courageous voices in our nation’s parliaments.  We will fight against the radical anti-family attitudes and policies of modern politics.

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