You can protect Northern Victoria Region Families From Radical Political Correctness

This election is about one thing…

Who will protect Northern Victoria Region families from the threat of radical political correctness?

As your Family First’s candidate for Northern Victoria Region I’m committed to making a bold stand for faith, life and family.

I love living in beautiful Beechworth in NE Victoria, with my wife and two permanent care children.
I keep myself busy with my gardening business and my close to completed stone house.
However the direction of politics in Victoria has concerned me greatly.
The liberal democratic principles that make our society successful and just are being pushed aside.
We need level headed people in parliament who don’t think that the latest popular cause is justification for trampling on our long held rights. 
I also want to be a voice opposed to Victoria’s brutal abortion-to-birth law.

Yours sincerely

Michael White

Michael White
Family First Candidate for Northern Victoria Region