It's Time To Put Victorian Families First

You have an opportunity to create a movement that will re-shape our nation and provide much-needed support for Australian families.

Family First stands unashamedly for the family, for home ownership, for the unborn, for the truth about gender, for freedom, for affordable and reliable energy and for the Judeo-Christian virtues that have built strong foundations for Australia and so many other Western nations.

Alister Cameron

Candidate for Eastern Metropolitan Region
Dean Cronkwright

Dean Cronkwright

Candidate for Western Region

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Help build this party to protect your family, faith and freedom

Your support today is vital to push back on Dan Andrews and the LGBTQ+ political attack on you by raising a strong voice in on the ballot paper in this election. 

Here’s what you’ll help achieve by giving today to meet the $70,000 goal:

  • You’ll help grow this movement in Victoria and nationwide by applying for official party registration federally and in all states and territories (to impact legislation where it’s needed). 
  • You’ll add thousands of new supporters and members through online and digital advertising.
  • You’ll help recruit and train the right candidates to represent you in parliament.

So thank you for investing today to help build this political party to protect your family, faith and freedom.

I’m grateful for you!

Yours sincerely,

Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First

I acknowledge that under S 216 of the Victorian Electoral Act 2002 donations of $1,080 and above must be disclosed; that under S 217A of the Victorian Electoral Act 2002 that I am an Australian citizen; and that under S 217D of the Victorian Electoral Act 2002 there is a general cap of $4,320 on donations.