You can take one more powerful step to protect life and families

The attack on life and family values in our nation is not just limited to unborn babies… it threatens ALL Australians like you, at every age and stage of life.

Your generous gift today will help get the word out so more people will join in to oppose Australia’s brutal abortion laws and speak up for the human rights of babies.

Your investment today will help build this pro-life political party to push back on the anti-life, anti-family policies that are harming the unborn and the most vulnerable.

It’s clear that pro-family and pro-life views are no longer welcome in the major parties.

That’s why these politicians need to know you do care about unborn children and about mothers in crisis pregnancies who need support.

By giving today, you’ll help grow a political party committed to protecting unborn children and the vulnerable by demanding politicians stand up for pro-life, pro-family policies.

Thank you again for signing the open letter – and thank you for any gift you can give today to help more Australians speak up for life!

Grateful for you,





Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First

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