Putting families first in regional areas.

South Australians living in rural and regional areas deserve the same from government as someone in Adelaide.

Our state has one of the smallest proportions of residents living outside the capital city. Our regional cities and towns do not have the large populations of places like Geelong or Newcastle.

Unfortunately that has meant that our politics and policy is noticeably Adelaide centric. There is often not enough attention paid to the needs and aspirations of regional and rural South Australians.

This problem is made worse by the reality that almost all country electoral districts (seats) are held by one side of politics. Is is a regrettable problem in two party politics that the seats that are most marginal are the ones that attract the attention at election time.

Family First believes all citizens deserve better respect and first class services, wherever they live.

Family First recognises the contribution made by people living in regional and rural areas. Without invididuals and families living and working in regions, South Australia would face a bleak future. Our mining, agricultural and tourism industries are the backbone of our economy.

We need to make it easier and more attractive for families to live in country towns and communities.

A great contribution is made by FIFO and seasonal workers. But we cannot sustain our rural industries without committed locals. Many services and facilities require those pay packets being spent at home.

There has been decline and neglect in many regional areas and towns. Some of this is changing employment in mining and industrial localities. This has led to closure of things like schools and banks. Industrial and technological change must be harnessed for the benefit of regions, not to their detriment.

Family First believes our state’s future depends on people living in strong and vibrant regions.


Family First will support more economic and job opportunites being developed in country areas.

Family First will advocate for better transport options between regional towns and cities. Major regional cities should have public transport services.

Family First supports a strong hospital system for all South Australians. This means investing in country hospital upgrades and services.

Famlly FIrst will promote initiatives to attract families to relocate to regional areas.

Family First will support greater educational opportunities in rural areas. Technology has made delivery of education in regional centres achievable.

Family First will advocate for incentives to attract tourists to country areas.