Protecting families with safer streets

Family First believes the first duty of government is to keep people safe and secure

We are a society at law. As citizens of a free country, we give our government considerable power over our lives and our liberty. This includes the power to arrest and detain, imprison, and confiscate property

We as citizens are prepared to allow governments to exercise such power in return for providing a safe and secure environment for us to live and raise our families. 

This means the provision of strong and well-resourced police, a fair and timely system of justice, and the protection of the community from dangerous criminals. 

Family First recognises that a well-trained, resourced and the respected police force is essential for maintaining the rule of law in our society. Police must have the powers and equipment to protect people, and should not be bogged down by administrative tasks and politicisation. 

Police powers must be exercised judiciously and independently. All citizens must be afforded equal treatment before the law. The use of police powers should be subject to proper oversight. 

Family First believes an independent judicial system is fundamental to our safety and security. Courts must be adequately resourced. Justice should be delivered in a timely, fair and efficient system in which all people are treated equally

We acknowledge that deprivation of liberty by imprisonment is a major exercise of state power and should be used carefully and judiciously. 


The protection of the community and families is the fundamental principle that must guide sentencing. Sentences for serious crimes should reflect what people expect as fair and adequate. Sentences are given to punish criminal conduct, protect people from offenders and deter others.  

Family First opposes a justice system that turns into a revolving door of light sentences and repeated examples of ‘a slap on the wrist’. We can’t allow sympathy for an offender’s past circumstances to justify turning a blind eye to crime. 

Family First also recognises that rehabilitation is an important part of the prison system. 

Family First opposes the legalisation of drugs. Experience has shown that a soft approach to drug use is not beneficial to society. Jurisdictions that have legalised marijuana have quickly realised it does not remove the involvement of criminal elements. 

Family First recognises the constantly evolving threat of cybercrime including sexual offenses. There is a great need for vigilance, education, and enforcement in this area. We need a coordinated effort to prevent, deter and catch internet criminals. 


  • Family First will support a strong and well-resourced police force. We want to see more police in the community and fewer stuck behind desks. 
  • We will advocate for police to have the powers they need to fight crime and protect people. 
  • We will advocate for police to tackle the problem of cyber-related crime, especially those crimes targeted at children and vulnerable people. 
  • We will support an independent Court system that is adequately funded and will work to reform Court processes to make the justice system more efficient, timely, and affordable. 
  • We will advocate for the appointment of Judges who will administer the law fairly, impartially, and in line with community standards. 
  • We will introduce measures aimed at ensuring sentencing for crime better reflects what people expect as fair and just. 
  • Family First supports an adequate prison system that is able to play an essential part in punishing and deterring crime. We will promote rehabilitation programs that aim to give offenders a real chance to rebuild their lives. 
  • Family First will oppose legalising drugs. We will promote programs that deter drug use and help people battling addiction. We support measures that can provide a ‘circuit breaker’ to people drawn into drug-related crime. 
  • Family First will oppose legalising prostitution. We will support initiatives that assist women and men to escape forced prostitution and other related problems of sexual slavery. 

We will support measures aimed at intervening early in the lives of people at risk of falling into criminal circles.  In particular Family First will work to help young people at risk of influence by outlawing organised crime.