Making homes affordable for families.

Making homes affordable for families.

A family home is one of our most basic needs. Owning our own home has been a noble aspiration that has been part of Australian family life for decades.

Regrettably, that dream has become out of reach for many South Australian families and individuals. Despite many housing developments and urban infill in established suburbs, it becomes harder for young families to break into the housing market.

There are many factors involved – including lack of rental properties available, bigger cities and population growth, less secure jobs and earnings, a lack of supply for new housing, the costs involved in building new homes, and planning that has encouraged more high-density housing (like apartments).

Family First wants to see the aspiration to own your family home remain as part of the Australian way of life.

Family First recognises the vital role of public housing in providing affordable housing for low income people and families.

Our state’s housing stock remains a great asset and should be expanded, not allowed to slowly dwindle or be sold off.


Family First will support measures that will improve the affordability of housing across the board:

• Increased supply of land for new homes

• Cuts to stamp duty and other government taxes when buying property or building new housing

• Grants for new home builders to stimulate the housing construction industry

• Changes to planning laws to make building and renovation easier to approve

• Planned infrastructure to ensure new development is sustainable.

Family First will support a strong and vibrant public housing sector.

Family First will advocate for new technology hubs and infrastructure in outer suburban areas to reduce demand on transport in and out of Adelaide city.

Family First will support more housing development in country towns and cities.

We will promote measures to provide incentives for more employment and services in regional areas to encourage affordable housing in rural centres.

Family First will support the maintenance of rights for renters, including being able to have a family pet where it is not an unreasonable burden.