Respect and Reward for Seniors.

Senior South Australians deserve everyone’s respect and reward for their lives of work and service.

Whether our older residents have lived in our state all their lives or moved here recently, they deserve respect.

Family First wants to make sure our seniors are treated as they deserve.

Too often in our modern society, we hear again and again about youth and their needs, their vision.

Of course, we all like to see enthusiastic, bright young people succeed and establish their families. But that doesn’t mean we should forget or neglect the incredible contribution older Australians have made and their ongoing needs.

Family First recognises the hard work and sacrifices so many aged South Australians have made in raising their own families. We acknowledge the work so many grandparents and others do in helping care for young children. Seniors help their families raising kids in so many ways, in practical help, with their time and financially.

We recognise the COVID pandemic has had a major impact on many older people, in restricting their ability to get around and especially to see their families.

Family First believes older people in our community should be helped wherever possible to live fulfilling lives and contribute to the welfare of their family.

The state owes particular responsibility to aged people living in care or other facilities, to ensure standards are maintained to the proper and decent level.

Family First believes senior South Australians should be respected, safe, and secure – wherever they live.


Family First will support measures to recognise and reward the contribution made by senior South Australians.

We support pensions and welfare that enable older people to live a decent and secure life.

Family First will promote better and more stringent oversight of aged care facilities, public and private. There must be severe penalties for places that have not treated our aged as they deserve and demand.

Family First will support moves to allow child care by grandparents to be recognised and compensated.

Family First will promote greater scrutiny of costs involved in entering aged care facilities and residences. Our seniors who have worked a lifetime and paid their taxes shouldn’t have to sell everything they own for a place.