Putting the health of our families first

Family First believes the health of the nation starts with the health of each family.

Good physical and mental health is fundamental to a person’s total well-being.

Family First recognises that health means more than the mere absence of disease and encompasses a state of wellbeing that is physical, psychological, and social

Family First will promote and support measures to improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare for all South Australians. 

We believe every person is entitled to just and equitable access to quality health services and is committed to providing opportunities for all families. We acknowledge the particular needs of people who are disadvantaged, isolated, aged, or people living in rural and remote areas.

Family First recognises the supportive and robust social unit of the family as the bedrock of better wellbeing for all Australians.

Family First is committed to the idea that the duty of health carers is to promote good health, relieve suffering, and safeguard life. Family First believes in the protection and sanctity of human life at all stages.

Family First opposes laws that allow physicians to actively assist in or be the direct cause of bringing about the death of a fellow person. With euthanasia laws having passed in South Australia, it is now imperative the laws are subject to rigorous oversight and not extended in scope. Family First advocates for proper funding of palliative care and support.

Family First strongly supports the public health and hospital system. All South Australians should have fair and equal access to public hospitals for essential health care.

We are concerned that poor management of health resources has led to the increasing incidence of ‘ramping’ – patients waiting for long periods in ambulances before being treated in hospital.

Family First demands adequate resourcing of hospitals and the ambulance system. This cannot amount to a blank cheque and all public money must be properly spent and allocated sensibly.

Family First recognises the vital part that good mental health plays in the wellbeing and welfare of our community. Early intervention and adequate support systems are essential in promoting good mental health.

Family First is concerned by the appalling rate of suicide in our community, which is now one of the leading causes of preventable death. We support programs that aim to assist those at risk of suicide, especially among young people and rural communities.

Family First acknowledges the particular needs of people living with a disability. We support the National Disability Insurance Scheme, adequately funded and streamlined to make accessing support simpler and easier.

Family First is committed to ensuring Australia’s health system is accessible, affordable, fair, safe, and of the highest quality in the world. 


  • Family First will support the right of every family to invest in private health insurance that meets their needs and incentives to increase take-up of private health for those who can afford it.
  • Family First will advocate for medical school places necessary to meet demand, especially in rural and remote areas; and those where attracting GPs is difficult.
  • Family First will promote respect for all stages of human life and oppose legislative moves that weaken the first duty of the medical profession: to ‘do no harm’.
  • Family First will support measures that ensure access to affordable dental health care.
  • Family First will urgently advocate for an end to ‘ramping’ of ambulances.
  • We will support public health programs in areas such as encouraging healthy eating, quitting smoking, and reducing alcohol consumption. We support programs aimed at overcoming problems of drug abuse, combating gambling and other addictions that are devastating for families.
  • Family First will work to ‘close the gap’ in health outcomes for Aboriginal South Australians.
  • Family First will promote better mental health and suicide prevention programs, adequately resourced.
  • Family First will support sufficient resourcing for the NDIS and for disability services within the South Australian health and community welfare system.