Putting families at the heart of our society

The welfare and protection of families should lie at the heart of our society and community. The most fundamental principle at the heart of society is the upholding of the rights and freedom of the individual and the families in which we live.

Our ‘social contract’ means we give extensive power to the government to regulate our lives, our liberty, our resources, and our social organisations. In return for giving the government such power over our lives, we expect and demand that they will act responsibly for the good of all citizens. The government and the law must be grounded in justice and in obedience to natural law.

The law should be applied fairly and equally. The government must be made up of the people and represent their interests.

No society or community can flourish when the advancement and protection of families are not paramount in decision-making. Almost all legislation and its’ implementation affect the welfare of the family in some way.

Family First is about representing families and protecting their welfare. The family is the most important social unit in our society. A Healthy and stable family life is the key to the prosperity of our communities and society. Family First will work towards change in law and policies that create the best possible environment for strong and happy family life.

Family First wants Australia to continue to be a great country. The party believes that Australian families should have the opportunity to not only survive but thrive


Flourishing family life – including relationships that bind parents and their children, grandparents, siblings, and extended family – creates the most suitable environment for children.

Family First acknowledges the tremendous contribution made by sole parents in our society. We recognize the special support sole parents need in raising a family alone. We also recognize that there may be many struggles in achieving strong and stable family environments and that relationships can fail in spite of best efforts.  Government and communities play an important role in assisting families experiencing breakdowns.

Parents have the primary responsibility for the nurture, raising, and education of their children. Government should respect and support the conscientious exercise of parents’ responsibilities and ensure their rights are considered in matters impacting the welfare of their children.


  • Family First will seek to ensure that all proposed legislation is considered in the light of its impact on the family through a Family Impact Statement.
  • Family First will promote the establishment of a Family Well Being Index to provide a framework by which the well-being of the family is measured.