Putting children first in schools

Education is the cornerstone to developing and equipping young Australians for their future, and the future welfare of Australia.

Family First recognises that parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education and development. We highly value the role of educators and the hard work they do, but that can never substitute for the proper education and upbringing within the family.

Parents must have the fundamental right to make decisions about the schooling and rounded development of their children.

Family First supports choice for parents in deciding which school best suits their needs and the needs of their child. Children have different aptitudes and our schools need to reflect that. Family First believes that education should provide a person with a learning environment that fosters their holistic development and builds strong foundations for later life.

Family First supports an environment that encourages the pursuit of excellence in intellectual, social, emotional, and physical spheres.


  • We recognise the critical role of both the government and non-government schools in educating our children, and we support the right of parents to choose a religious-based or independent school.


  • We also recognise that parents have the right to educate their children in a home-based environment if they desire to do so and support resources and assistance for home educators. 


  • We support fair and adequate government funding for non-government schools, which cost governments less per student.


In recent decades there has been a tendency to see schools as a sort of ‘cure all’ for social and economic ills. Schools exist to educate children, and not to engage in ‘woke’ politics and education reflecting the latest political fashions regarding the environment or gender identity.

Programs that help students in disadvantaged circumstances are worthy and important. However, not every problem of family breakdown, addiction and poverty can be overcome through schools alone.

Education must provide students with a sound understanding of Australian heritage and culture. This includes knowledge of the indigenous peoples of our country and their ongoing contribution.

Family First absolutely supports the right of schools to maintain religious freedom, including in worship. Family First strongly supports schools’ ability to employ teachers and other staff whose values are consistent with the school community.



  • Family First will defend parents’ rights to choose schooling that supports their family’s values and needs and will recognise the parental role as primary educator of their children;
  • We will oppose any attempt to weaken equal opportunity provisions that uphold the religious freedom of schools including in employment;
  • We will support a broad and thorough curriculum that respects the Judaeo-Christian values that form the basis of our heritage and system of law.
  • We will support teaching students character and life skills development including basic financial management.
  • We will promote and support measures to reduce class sizes and increase literacy levels.
  • We will support funding that ensures no child is disadvantaged because of geographical, social or economic factors.
  • We will promote increased levels of accountability to parents and the community.
  • We will support reforms that promote improved research, teaching and learning outcomes.
  • We will promote teaching as a noble vocation that should be one to aspire to, properly paid and well resourced.

Above all, Family First will support measures that make learning and skills at the heart of educating children, not political outcomes and indoctrination.