Easing cost of living pressure on families.

Cost of living pressures on family budgets have been growing in recent years.

There have been regular increases in many government taxes and charges, particularly the less obvious taxes that we might not pay everyday but they soon add up.

Property price increases add to a family’s net worth overall. But it results in higher government levies and council rates which have to be paid now, not when you sell your house.

Petrol excise is hugely excessive. We pay close to 43 cents petrol tax on every litre of unleaded fuel we buy.

Electricity prices have not come down over the last decade as every new government seems to promise but not deliver. Renewable energy is subsidised by taxpayers to the tune of around $3 billion a year.

The Emergency Services Levy in South Australia is too bureaucratic to collect and does not cover the real cost of emergency services. The tax collects around $165 million per year – the government could abolish the levy for four years for the cost of their proposed riverbank basketball arena.

The COVID pandemic has meant many families struggling even more as jobs have been lost.
People who exercise their legitimate choice not to get vaccinated are often punished with loss of work.

There are worrying signs that inflation is headed for a rapid rise. Petrol prices have been high for some time and are likely to go up in light of uncertainty caused by Russian aggression in Europe. An interest rate rise is predicted later this year or in 2023.

Many families are facing a budget crisis due to buy now, pay later schemes and payday / short term lending. Pervasive advertising and easy approval is creating a crisis in many family budgets.
People on low incomes or welfare can quickly rack up debts they can’t pay.

Cost of living is spiralling out of control and action must be taken to help families make ends meet.


Family First will propose a four year pause in the collection of the Emergency Services Levy on households.

Family FIrst will advocate for a four year freeze on fuel excise.

Family First will push for a review of motor registration fees to examine the feasibility and impact of moving to a system based on vehicle value or income. Such a scheme would be aimed at reducing the cost on low income families.

Family First will promote more stringent regulation of buy now, pay later services and payday lenders. We will propose a moratorium on new applications until such regulations can be enacted.