Thank you for helping build this movement now – to protect your family’s future

Australians like you need a choice on the ballot paper to get the voice you deserve in state parliaments, to put what you value first.

No other party will stand up for your family… defend faith… or protect life.

Your gift today to help close the $64,000 gap by December 31 will help give voters a choice in the upcoming state and federal elections – and raise a stronger voice to defend families, life and faith.

You’ll help to:

  • Build this movement nationwide by applying for official party registration federally and in all states and territories (to impact legislation where it’s needed).
  • Add thousands of new supporters and members to stand alongside you.
  • And recruit and train the right candidates to represent you on ballot papers and in parliament.

So thank you for giving your best today to build this movement to put what you value first.

You’ll be standing up for your family, protecting life and defending your faith – to build a stronger future!

Grateful for you,





Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First