Meet our Legislative Council Candidates

Tom Kenyon

Legislative Council Candidate

Tom is married to Tina with three children – Matthew, aged 21, Rachael, aged 20 and James, aged 16 years.

His first job when he left school was as a Jackeroo in Southwest Queensland. He has two degrees, one in Arts and the other Environmental Management.

Tom has worked as an advisor for Ministers, was the Member for Newland in the state Parliament for twelve years and was a Minister serving in a wide variety of portfolios including Trade, Manufacturing, Innovation, Higher Education, Science and Sport as well as filling the role of Government Whip in the parliament.

After leaving parliament in 2018, Tom went to work commercialising university research and creating start-up companies to bring new inventions to market. He is currently working to raise a Venture Capital fund to invest in commercialising research.

He plays Touch Football, is learning to fly and likes skiing, camping, reading and cooking. 

Deepa Mathew

Legislative Council Candidate

Deepa is married to Mathew, they have a daughter Rachel, aged 16 years.

Deepa is a Banking and Finance professional with over 15 years of experience in the finance sector. Deepa currently is the business owner of a Mortgage Broking business. Before starting the business, Deepa was at the Commonwealth Bank for twelve years in various roles in middle and senior management and strategic roles. During this period, Deepa completed a Masters in Business Administration. Deepa she also Lectures at Torrens University Australia.

Deepa was a candidate for the seat of Enfield for the Liberal Party. She is very active within her community, has held various Board and committee positions, is passionate about giving back to the community and the next generation. She comes from a strong Christian background and is very active within her local church.

In her free time, Deepa spends time with her family and friends and loves a good book.

Craig Bowyer

Legislative Council Candidate

Craig is standing as a candidate for Family First because he aligns with its values. While to some they might seem old fashioned; Craig believes in truth, honesty, transparency and civil liberties.

Those who know him agree that he is a multi skilled educator and entrepreneur who is a natural leader yet leads by example and action.

One of his favorite sayings is, “ if you want to see the real person, look at what they do not what they say!”

Craig was an effective candidate in past federal elections for FF, is currently homeschooling director, public speaker, home church leader, commercial property agent and a keen bee keeper. He is multi lingual; including Ukrainian through his wife Kateryna.

They have been married since uni and they have 2 beautiful children Vincent and Ivana.

“It is an honour to nominate and serve.”