Build this movement nationwide to protect your family from radical political correctness

Your gift today will help build this movement nationwide to protect your family from the woke attacks on families, life, faith and freedom.

Thank you for giving your best right now to help close the $70,000 funding gap by March 31 to gear up for the battles ahead to give your family and many others a stronger future!

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Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First

I understand that my donation to Family First is for the purposes of the NSW election campaign. I acknowledge that the cap on donations is $3300 and that any donation $1000 or above must be publicly disclosed. I acknowledge that I am not a prohibited donor. A prohibited donor is: a property developer; a tobacco industry business entity; a liquor or gambling industry business entity; any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are such prohibited donors; or a close associate of a prohibited donor.