Take the next step… to grow a groundswell that can’t be ignored!

Thank you for signing the open letter to show politicians that you don’t want Christian schools being forced to comply with harmful LGBTQ+ ideology.  

This is a tough battle to protect families, faith and freedom… 

That’s why I’m asking you to take the next important step by investing today to get the word out through an awareness-raising campaign – to get as many people as possible signing this open letter calling for action. 

By giving today, you’ll help grow a groundswell of people committed to protecting Christian schools – and your religious freedom – by standing candidates at elections who will stand up for pro-faith, pro-family policies. 

I can assure you that, with your support, your Family First movement will keep fighting hard for the freedom of parents to choose an education for their children that is compatible with their religious or mainstream beliefs.  

Thank you for getting involved… and thank you for any gift you can give today to help build the groundswell that’s needed in this critical battle for your family, faith and freedom. 

Yours sincerely, 





Lyle Shelton
National Director
Family First