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Just over four years ago, after 16 years of keeping anti-Family legislation from succeeding, Family First merged with the Australian Conservatives on the promise that they would continue the fight.


Unfortunately, since that time, the South Australian Parliament has passed legislation that has allowed abortion up to birth and euthanasia. Despite their promises, Australian Conservatives vacated the role entrusted to them.


A part of me is angry that it has come to this – but another part of me is excited. There is energy and determination developing in South Australia and around the country to stop the erosion of values that in a few short years will have a dramatic effect on your life and that of your family.


We know from well-placed sources that it is likely that there will be laws introduced next year that will further take away religious freedom, legalise prostitution and negatively impact parents and children who will be manipulated to think of their “gender” as a choice rather than God given. While the major parties are obsessed with these issues, for most families, life just gets more and more challenging. This must change!


At the 2018 State Election, a number of good people from both major Parties left the Parliament. They were replaced by people who do not understand the needs of families and are fuelled instead by an ideology designed to change family life as we know it. This ideology is now rampant in both major Parties and it’s time someone spoke up for the Family.


We also need to repair the Parliament. We need to get good people elected and to help remove those who don’t vote to protect families, our traditions and our freedoms. In my view, we have been let down by the current Liberal government. We need to change the culture of that party and reform the culture of the Labor Party.


I and others have concluded that the best way to change the Parliament is to relaunch and rebuild the Family First party.


You will have seen that Jack Snelling and Tom Kenyon, both former Labor ministers are part of this effort, we have also been joined by Deepa Mathew from the Liberal Party.  I sat with Tom and Jack in State Parliament, and I can vouch for their character and their convictions.


The re-formed Family First will be focused as always on the family but the strategy will be widened to not only include getting Family First members elected, but also on getting good people, from both parties, who share our values into Parliament through our preferences.

With the next State election only months away, there’s no time to lose.


I invite you to partner with us by joining the Family First Party. All you need to do is click here to visit our membership page and follow the three simple steps.

Thank you for your concern for good Government and God bless you.

Let’s do this.

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Andrew Evans